Joan Travé

Online piano lessons - e. g. dealing with stage fright

How to deal with stage fright as a pianist, online piano lessons with Joan Travé
Joan Travé - pianist, piano teacher

Piano lessons per live video conference:


  • Dealing with stage fright, using the method of Dr. Noa Kageyama from the Juilliard School: pre-performance relaxation techniques, optimization of practice, self-confidence, concentration and more
  • Preparation for studies: Together we can prepare the entrance exam for studying music.
  • Historical interpretation practice: for those who have a hammer piano, but also for modern pianists who would like to learn all styles from the style.

Languages: German, Spanish, Catalan, English



Musical education:

  • Bachelor degree in Spain
  • Master's degree in “Artistic Instrumental Education” in the class of Prof. Catherine Vickers
  • Master's degree in “Instrumental Pedagogy” in the class of Prof. Catherine Vickers
  • DAAD award winner for outstanding performance by foreign students


Concert activities:

  • Member and co-founder of the Polymos Ensemble
  • Concert activities in the field of historical pianos: from the first fortepianos to the romantic grand pianos.